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Reduce Your Energy Costs by 50% or More

Plug into a better way of managing energy use across all your facilities and eliminate electricity bill uncertainty

Don’t get shocked with a high electricity bill tomorrow. 

Take action today.

Just 3 hours of electric vehicle (EV) charging in a month at your dealership could triple your electricity bill by ratcheting up demand charges*.

Minimizing demand charges while powering a growing EV fleet is a complex challenge.  

Estimated Monthly Electricity Bill Increase in First Year with EV Chargers

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*Electricity bill estimates and savings based on two Level 2 chargers and one Level 3 charger with typical monthly electricity use of a 15,000 sq ft auto dealership

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mCloud is unlocking the untapped potential of energy-intensive assets with AssetCare®, curbing energy waste, maximizing energy production, optimizing reliability, and getting the most out of critical infrastructure. IoT sensors bring data from connected assets into the cloud, where AI and analytics are applied to optimize assets, improve reliability, and eliminate unplanned downtime. With 14 offices in 7 countries and more than 63,000 assets connected at thousands of locations worldwide, mCloud is changing the way energy assets are managed.




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Estimated Monthly Electricity Bill Savings Potential with AssetCare

About mCloud

Find out today how you can go from unpredictable electricity bills to sustainable operations

A fully managed approach to reducing energy consumption for your auto dealership

AssetCare for Auto Dealerships continuously manages the electricity cost and carbon footprint of your entire dealership – including the substantial increased energy consumption from EV chargers now being installed – through an innovative turnkey energy management solution with no upfront costs and a simple monthly subscription that replaces your electricity bill.


AssetCare dynamically draws from solar and battery storage to ensure you reduce the environmental impact of your dealership, and showcases your business as a leader to sustainability focused customers

Using cloud-based AI, AssetCare continually optimizes electricity consumption to limit peak demand and get the power you need at the lowest possible cost


Fully Managed

We simplify electricity costs and HVAC management of your entire facility with a predictable, low monthly bill, so you can focus on your core business and don’t have to worry about escalating rates, surges in your energy use or unplanned downtime from equipment failure

Battery storage

HVAC, air filtration and lighting optimization

24/7 support

Solar panels

EV chargers

*Estimated savings are net of AssetCare fees

Greg Vail

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"The coming wave of EVs such as the new GMC Hummer EV will require auto dealerships like ours to upgrade their infrastructure as new EV chargers expose us to unpredictable and much higher utility bills. mCloud’s AssetCare solution provides us with a proven AI platform to minimize operating costs, letting us focus on our core business while saving money and fulfilling our commitment as environmental stewards in our community.”

Vice President and Partner,   Vail Buick GMC

Fully managed, innovative turnkey solution.

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