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AssetCare® Emissions Management 

Take the right actions with clear line of sight to emissions  

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Identify, quantify, and track methane emissions at every level - from sky to ground


Manage and correct leaks in a single consistent view enabling teams to prioritize and take action


Document actions and show emissions reductions with verifiable data, not just estimates


Managing emissions is complex. New regulations, new emissions standards, and varying requirements in different jurisdictions are just a few of the factors that need to be considered. There are also countless vendors, detection methods and technologies that won't talk to one another. Choosing the right digital strategy to support emissions manage is just as hard. 

 There are many parts needed to address emissions management at scale. Every technology brought in to support the detection of leaks is a data silo, making it hard to see precisely which leak sources present the best opportunities to reduce emissions. When actions are taken to correct leaks, it can be difficult to ensure those actions taken are documented and correlated with the emissions they reduced. And labor-intensive manual work awaits when it comes time to report on the contributions of those actions. 

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Specific data on detection, correction and verification for reporting.

Report and Validate

AssetCare consolidates the results of all leak events, equipment sources, and actions taken, offering a single place to export all emissions data for external reporting. Emissions reductions are presented through a convenient web interface accessible on any device. AssetCare streamlines the verification of mitigation efforts taken, simplifying the reporting process and compliance with local regulations.  

AssetCare is Intelligent Emissions Management

Correct and Take Action

3D Digital Twin capabilities integrated with AssetCare Emissions Management allow for virtual walkdowns of sites and facilities, enabling teams to precisely locate and digitally tag leaks for repair without being onsite. AssetCare links detected leak events to P&IDs to plan and execute repairs faster. Actions in the field can be prioritized, tracked and documented in one place. 

Detect and Quantify

Leveraging Google Earth Engine, AssetCare visualizes leak and emissions data from sky to ground, right down to every pump, pipe, valve or flange on site. AssetCare effortlessly pulls together leak and emissions data from any number of vendors, methods, and sources, aggregating and consolidating data into a consistent, unified view that enables a single source of truth, breaking down potential siloes between teams. 

 As an option, AssetCare enables organizations to continuously monitor for leaks on the ground, with an easy-to-use mobile solution leveraging ultrasonic leak detection that can be incorporated into operator rounds, site inspections, and day-to-day operations.

Emissions Intelligence is an area of opportunity where together, we can make it easier to detect, locate, direct, and track fugitive leaks smarter, faster and drive down emissions in a meaningful way.

mCloud is unlocking the untapped potential of energy-intensive assets with cloud-based solutions that curb energy waste, maximize energy production, minimize harmful emissions, and get the most out of critical energy infrastructure. Through mCloud's portfolio of AssetCare® solutions, mCloud enables asset owners and operators in energy intensive industries to use cloud-based digital twins, AI and analytics to optimize asset performance, reliability and sustainability. 


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AssetCare is a portfolio of turn-key solutions combining the cloud, AI and analytics to get the most out of energy-intensive assets. AssetCare Emissions Management consolidates all sources of emissions data into a single view, regardless of vendor or detection method, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions about leak and emission sources, their impact - and prioritize leak events for action. 

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Methane leaks across oil & gas operations globally in 2021 would have made an additional 180 billion cubic meters of gas available, if captured and marketed. The volume would be comparable to all the gas used in Europe's power sector.

 40% of methane emissions from oil and gas operations could be avoided at no net cost as the outlays for the abatement measures are less than the market value of the additional gas that is captured. 

Micro 3D detailed view of emissions down to the asset level.

Macro aerial view of leak emissions at the site level.


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