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AssetCare® Digital Oilfield

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AssetCare Can Pay For Itself In A Day*


AssetCare Digital Oilfield

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Continuous Artificial Lift Optimization

Automated Production Management

3D Virtual Operations

Mobile Connected Worker

Automated Leak Detection and Mitigation

24/7 Control System Monitoring and Optimization

Transform Your Wells

With increasingly stringent emission regulations, operating wellsites at their best has never been more complex. 

* Results may vary. Above numbers based on $100 oil price, 30 day month, and 200 BOE daily well production


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mCloud is unlocking the untapped potential of energy-intensive assets with AssetCare® using cloud-based AI to curb waste, maximize production, optimize reliability, and eliminate unplanned downtime. With 14 offices in 7 countries and more than 64,000 assets worldwide, mCloud is changing the way energy assets are managed.

Manage your operations without needing to be there

Connected worker capabilities on mobile devices enables field and office collaboration with instant access to critical information to solve problems in real time, giving your team a digital advantage to complete jobs faster and safer.

Precision methane sensing capabilities are also integrated with auditable, transparent, and compliant emission tracking and reporting capabilities that detect, correct, and verify methane emissions across the entire portfolio. 

Streamline Your Operations

Continuously optimize the performance of your entire portfolio

Using AI and machine learning, assets are configured to maximize production, reliability, and minimize unplanned downtime.

Integrating existing onsite and offsite data sources, business KPIs, and maintenance data, AssetCare Digital Oilfield automates field and well monitoring, streamlines exception-based operations, facilitates intervention management, and helps you plan, forecast, and adapt your operations based on live data. 

Instantly know which wells have the potential to do more

Wellsite assets are connected to the cloud where data-driven insights offer guidance on how to get them performing at their best.  Your teams in the field can spend more of their time on the assets benefiting most from their attention. 


Typical increase in daily production per well


In added monthly revenue per well

Mitigate Methane Emissions

Lower Costs

Improve Production 

AssetCare Digital Oilfield

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Digital Transformation of Your Wellsites in One Complete Solution

Make the most of wells and equipment with an all-in-one solution that improves every aspect of your operations, including capabilities that let you automate production management, continuously optimize your wellsite assets, and make your field teams more productive.

Automated Production Management

Production Optimization

Field and Mobile Capabilities

Enhancing Your Wellsites Has Never Been Easier